OAR 584-235-0020
Principal License

(1) Purpose of the License: The Principal License qualifies its holder to serve as a principal, vice-principal, associate principal, or an equivalent position that serves as the administrator of a public school in a prekindergarten through grade 12 Oregon public school district or education service district. The Principal License is the preliminary administrative license for the state of Oregon and signifies that the holder is prepared for leadership in the school-level context.
(2) Scope and Responsibilities of the License: A Principal License is required to perform school administrator duties at a building-level, as provided in 584-235-0010 (Scope and Responsibilities of School Administrators), Scope and Responsibilities of Oregon Administrator Licenses.
(3) Term of Licensure: The Principal License is valid for three years and is renewable as provided in subsection (9) of this rule. The date of the first expiration of the license is three years from the date of issue plus time until the applicant’s birthday.
(4) Assignments: The Principal License qualifies the holder to accept in an Oregon public school district, education service district or charter school:
(a) Any principal assignment;
(b) Any other school administrator assignment that does not require a Professional Administrator License; and
(c) Any substitute teaching assignment.
(5) Licensed Experience: To qualify for the Principal License, an applicant must complete:
(a) Three (3) full years of qualifying licensed experience in a 1.0 FTE assignment; or
(b) Six (6) full years of qualifying licensed experience in a .50 FTE or more assignment.
(6) The years of licensed school experience do not have to be earned consecutively.
(7) Qualifying Experience: To qualify as a year of licensed experience, the experience must:
(a) Include working directly with preK-12 students while holding any license, charter school registration or school nurse certificate appropriate for the assignment;
(b) Equal a minimum of 135 days within an academic year (July 1 to June 30); and
(c) Be completed in one, or a combination of, the following employment settings:
(A) A public prekindergarten through grade 12 school, including public charter schools;
(B) A regionally accredited private school in any state or other U.S. jurisdiction; or
(C) An education service district school;
(D) A state-operated or state-supported school;
(E) A federal school;
(F) A private elementary or secondary school registered by the state Department of Education;
(G) A private proprietary career school licensed by the superintendent of public instruction; or
(H) Alternative education, post-secondary or other similar settings closely-related to prekindergarten through grade 12 education, as approved by the Director of Licensure.
(8) Applying for License: To be eligible to apply for a Principal License, an applicant must:
(a) Possess the personal qualifications for licensure including attainment of at least eighteen years of age and possessing good moral character and mental and physical health necessary for employment as an administrator;
(b) Hold a master’s degree or higher from an Approved Institution in the United States, or the foreign equivalent of such degree approved by the Commission;
(c)(A) Completers of Oregon Programs: Provide evidence of admission to and completion of a Commission-approved Principal License preparation program; or
(B) Completers of Out-of-State Programs: Provide evidence of:
(i) Completion of an out-of-state principal, or acceptable equivalent, administrator program;
(ii) An active and valid non-provisional school administrator license from a NASDTEC jurisdiction; and
(iii) Meeting the requirements for Oregon school law and finance;
(d) Meet the license experience requirements, as provided subsections (5) through (7);
(e) Meet the requirements for knowledge of U.S. and Oregon civil rights laws and professional ethics;
(f) Complete a background clearance that includes:
(A) Furnishing fingerprints, if required;
(B) Providing satisfactory responses to character questions in the form and manner prescribed by the Commission; and
(g) Submit a complete and correct application in the form and manner required by the Commission, including payment of all required fees as provided in 584-200-0050 (Fees).
(9) Renewing: To be eligible to apply for renewal of the Principal License, an applicant must:
(a) Complete 90 professional development units or 6 graduate level semester credits (or graduate level quarter credit equivalent) as provided in 584-255-0010 (Professional Development Requirements) Professional Development Requirements; and
(b) Submit a complete and correct application in the form and manner required by the Commission, including payment of all required fees as provided in 584-200-0050 (Fees).
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