OAR 586-030-0076


Any party may appeal the final order of the panel by filing a petition in the Court of Appeals in accordance with the statutory timelines following the date the final order is served or within the statutory timeline after denial of a petition for rehearing or petition for reconsideration.


The record will be made available to the parties for inspection, upon reasonable advance request and at a reasonable time and place, if there is an appeal of the final order. The record shall include the following items:


All pleadings, motions and intermediate rulings;


Evidence received or considered;




Correspondence from and to parties or their legal counsel;


A statement of any ex parte communications on a fact in issue made to a panel member;


Any portion of the hearing record transcribed for the Panel


The reporting/recording firm telephone number and address; and


The Final Order.


All communications between legal counsel and the Panel members or Board representatives shall not be made available.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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