OAR 603-001-0125
Purpose and Policy

In order to implement the provisions of ORS 183.330 (Description of organization)(1) requiring each agency to publish its methods for the public to obtain information, and in order to implement the provisions of ORS 192.430 so as to provide reasonable rules necessary for the protection of department records and to prevent interference with the regular discharge of the department’s duties, the department adopts the procedures set forth in OAR 603-001-0130 (Procedures for Obtaining General Information) to 603-001-0165 (Parking at Department Owned Facilities). Such procedures shall apply to requests for inspection or copying of public records of the department, and to requests for the department to prepare and supply certified or other types of copies of public records. Procedures for review of any departmental denial of public records inspections or public record copies are to be in accordance with the provisions of ORS 192.450 to 192.490. It is the policy of the department to attempt to balance those public interests that favor disclosure against those public interests that favor governmental confidentiality with a presumption in favor of disclosure.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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