OAR 603-015-0080

As used in OAR 603-015-0075 (Intent and Purpose) to 603-015-0110 (Civil Penalty Determination Formula):


“Department” means the State Department of Agriculture and the Enforcing Agency, which is the office of the State Veterinarian, located within the State Department of Agriculture.


“Animal rescue entity” means any individual or organization—including but not limited to an animal control agency, humane society, animal shelter, animal sanctuary, or boarding kennel not subject to ORS 167.374 (Possession or control of dogs for purpose of reproduction), but excluding a veterinary facility and a foster facility—that keeps, houses, and maintains in the individual’s or organization’s legal custody 10 or more animals at any given time and that solicits or accepts donations in any form.
(3) “Foster facility” means a separate location controlled by, but not owned or operated by the animal rescue entity, at which a person has volunteered to maintain physical custody of animals that are within the legal custody of an animal rescue entity. A foster facility is not considered a separate physical location out of which an animal rescue entity operates.


“10 or more animals” means the combined number of animals kept, housed, and maintained in the animal rescue entity’s legal custody, whether at that animal rescue entity’s physical location, another physical location of the same animal rescue entity, or in the physically custody of a foster facility. A nursing mother and her unweaned offspring constitute one animal unit. Weaned offspring constitute individual animal units.


“Animal” means any nonhuman mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian or fish.


“License year” means a 12-month period beginning July 1 and ending on June 30 for which a license is valid or the remainder of that period at the time a license is issued.


“State Veterinarian” means the chief animal health official of the State as per ORS 596.210 (Establishing office of State Veterinarian)
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Jun. 8, 2021

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