OAR 603-015-0095


The purpose of an investigation under this rule is to determine whether the animal rescue entity is subject to or in compliance with the requirements of ORS 609.415 (Animal rescue entities) and OAR 603-015-0075 (Intent and Purpose) to OAR 603-015-0110 (Civil Penalty Determination Formula).


The Department may conduct an inspection of an animal rescue entity at any time during normal business hours. ORS 561.275 (Inspecting premises and facilities of department licensees). The Department may request any reports, information, or records from the animal rescue entity.


An animal rescue entity shall allow the Department to inspect reports, information, or records of the animal rescue entity upon request and shall furnish any reports, information, or records requested by the Department. The Department may issue subpoenas to require the production of reports, information, or records. ORS 561.279 (Issuance of subpoenas by department for investigations or hearings).


The Department may seek and obtain a warrant to conduct an investigation or inspection or obtain reports, information, or records under this rule.


When conducting an investigation or inspection pursuant to this rule, the Department may seize any evidence or report any other violations that it observes or otherwise discovers.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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