OAR 603-019-0001

As used in 603-019-0001 (Definitions) to 603-019-0040 (Grant Administration), unless the context requires otherwise:


“Livestock” means, ratites, horses, mules, jackasses, cattle, llamas, alpacas, sheep, goats, swine, bison, domesticated fowl and any fur-bearing animal bred and maintained commercially, or otherwise, within pens, cages or hutches.


“Working dog” means any animal of the species Canis familiaris used to aid in the herding or guarding of livestock.


“Department” means the State Department of Agriculture.


“Trust Fund” means the Wolf Management Compensation and Proactive Trust Fund


“County Program” means an established county government wolf depredation compensation and financial assistance program meeting all of the requirements established under this rule.


“Attributed to wolf depredation” means a finding by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODF&W) or a designated agent for ODF&W, that wolf depredation was the probable cause of the death or injury.


“Area of known wolf activity” means an area of known wolf activity that is designated as such by the ODF&W.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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