OAR 603-022-0025
Payment of Fees

Except as provided in OAR 603-022-0010 (Oregon State Egg Fee)(2), each handler first selling eggs in Oregon shall complete, sign, and forward to the Department, on forms provided by the Department, a monthly report showing the dozen eggs first sold to consumers in Oregon. The report for each month, along with the fees due as shown on the report, are due at the following frequency, no later than 30th calendar day of the month following the reporting period in which the eggs were first sold.


Annually: Firms that produce or distribute 101-349 dozen eggs per week


Quarterly: Firms that produce or distribute 350-999 dozen eggs per week


Monthly: Firms that produce or distribute 1,000 dozen eggs per week or more.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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