OAR 603-054-0045

In addition to the definitions set forth in ORS 561.005 (Definitions), 570.005, 570.105 (Definitions for ORS 570.110 to 570.190), and 571.005 (Definitions for ORS 571.005 to 571.230), the following will apply:


“Abatement”: Action by a person to comply with a cited violation of the rules or statutes.


“Director”: The Director of the Department of Agriculture, or the Director’s designee.


“Good cause”: Means a cause beyond the reasonable control of the person. “Good cause” exists when it is established by satisfactory evidence that factors or circumstances are beyond the control of a rational and prudent person of normal sensitivity, exercising ordinary common sense.


“Magnitude of Violation”: Means the seriousness of a violation with respect to how it is categorized. The prohibited acts shall be categorized as a Major violation, Moderate violation, or Minor violation.


“Repeat violation”: A violation that has not been fully corrected by the date ordered or subsequent violation of the same rule, order or statute.


“Violation”: The breach of a person’s duty to comply with ORS Chapters 561, 570, or 571 or any regulation, rule or order issued thereunder.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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