OAR 603-077-0115
Daily Burning Authorization Criteria

As part of the Smoke Management Program provided for in ORS 468A.590 (Duties of State Department of Agriculture), the Department shall set forth the types and extent of open field burning, propane flaming, and stack burning to be allowed each day according to the provisions established in this section and this Division:


During the active burning season and on an as needed basis, the Department shall announce the burning schedule over the burning radio network, or other communication technology method as approved by the Department, and operated specifically for this purpose or by other appropriate means. The schedule shall specify the times, locations, amounts and other restrictions in effect for open field burning, propane flaming, and stack burning. The Department shall notify Oregon Emergency Management of the burning schedule for dissemination to appropriate Willamette Valley agencies.


Prohibition conditions:


Prohibition conditions shall be in effect at all times unless specifically determined and announced otherwise by the Department;


Under prohibition conditions, no permits shall be issued and no open field burning shall be conducted in any area except for individual burns specifically authorized by the Department on a limited extent basis. Such limited burning may include field-by-field burning, preparatory burning, or burning of test fires, except that:


No open field burning shall be allowed:
In any area subject to a ventilation index of less than 10.0;
In any area upwind, or in the immediate vicinity, of any area in which, based upon real-time monitoring, a violation of federal or state air quality standards is projected to occur.


Only test-fire burning may be allowed:
In any area subject to a ventilation index of between 10.0 and 15.0, inclusive, except for experimental burning specifically authorized by the Department pursuant to OAR 603-077-0135 (Experimental Burning);
When relative humidity at the nearest reliable measuring station exceeds 50 percent under forecast northerly winds or 65 percent under forecast southerly winds.


Marginal conditions:


The Department shall announce that marginal conditions are in effect and open field burning is allowed when, in its best judgment and within the established limits of this Division, the prevailing atmospheric dispersion and burning conditions are suitable for satisfactory smoke dispersal with minimal impact on the public, provided that the minimum conditions set forth in paragraphs (2)(b)(A) and (B) of this rule are satisfied;


Under marginal conditions, permits may be issued and open field burning may be conducted in accordance with the times, locations, amounts, and other restrictions set forth by the Department and this Division.


Hours of burning:


Burning hours shall be limited to those specifically authorized by the Department each day and may be changed at any time when necessary to attain and maintain air quality;


Burning hours may be reduced by the fire chief or his deputy, and burning may be prohibited by the State Fire Marshal, when necessary to prevent danger to life or property from fire, pursuant to ORS 478.960 (Burning of certain materials permitted only with permission of fire chief).


Locations of burning:


Locations of burning shall at all times be limited to those areas specifically authorized by the Department; except for areas where burning is restricted or prohibited, as specified in OAR 603-077-0119 (Burning Restrictions and Prohibitions).


Amounts of burning:


To provide for an efficient and equitable distribution of burning, daily authorizations of acreages shall be issued by the Department in terms of single or multiple fire district quotas. The Department shall establish quotas for each fire district and may adjust the quotas of any district when conditions in its judgment warrant such action;


Unless otherwise specifically announced by the Department, a one quota limit shall be considered in effect for each district authorized for burning;


The Department may issue more restrictive limitations on the amount, density or frequency of burning in any area or on the basis of crop type, when conditions in its judgment warrant such action.


Limitations on burning based on air quality:


Should smoke intrusions occur in the Eugene-Springfield area from the burning of identified species, steep terrain, propane flaming, or stack burning, pursuant to OAR 603-077-0113 (Acreage Limitations, Allocations), that are in excess of the cumulative hours identified below, the minimum allowable effective mixing height for any additional open field burning for the remainder of the year shall be as follows:
Cumulative Hours in the — Minimum Effective
Eugene-Springfield Area — Mixing Height (feet)
0–14 hours — No minimum
15–19 hours — 4,000
20–14 hours — 4,500
25 and greater — 5,500


The effective mixing height restrictions in paragraph (a) of this subsection shall not apply to emergency burning or experimental burning, pursuant to OAR 603-077-0135 (Experimental Burning) or 603-077-0139 (Emergency Open Burning).


Limitations on burning based on rainfall:


Open field burning and propane flaming shall be prohibited in any area for one drying day (up to a maximum of four consecutive drying days) for each 0.10 inch increment of rainfall received per day at the nearest reliable measuring station;


The Department may waive the restrictions of subsection (a) of this section when dry fields are available as a result of special field preparation or condition, irregular rainfall patterns, or unusually high evaporative weather condition.


Other discretionary provisions and restrictions:


The Department may require special field preparations before burning, such as, but not limited to, mechanical fluffing of residues, when conditions in its judgment warrant such action;


The Department may designate specified periods following permit issuance within which time active field ignition must be initiated and/or all flames must be actively extinguished before said permit is automatically rendered invalid;


The Department may designate additional areas as priority areas when conditions in its judgment warrant such action.

Source: Rule 603-077-0115 — Daily Burning Authorization Criteria, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=603-077-0115.

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