OAR 603-077-0155
Stack Burning

The open burning of piled or stacked residue from perennial or annual grass seed or cereal grain crops used for seed production is allowed subject to the following conditions:


No person shall cause or allow to be initiated or maintained any stack burning on any day or at any time if the Department has notified Oregon Emergency Management that such burning is prohibited because of meteorological or air quality conditions.


No person shall cause or allow stack burning of any grass seed or cereal grain residue unless said residue is dry and free of all other combustible and non-combustible material.


Each responsible person shall make every reasonable effort to promote efficient burning, minimize smoke emissions, and extinguish any stack burning which is in violation of any rule of the Commission.


No stack burning shall be conducted within any State Fire Marshal buffer zone “non-combustible ground surface” area (e.g., within 14 mile of Interstate I-5, or 18 mile of any designated roadway), as specified in OAR 837-110-0080 (Fire Safety Buffer Zones).


The acreage must be registered and permitted pursuant to OAR 603-077-0112 (Registration, Permits, Fees, Records).


Unless otherwise specifically agreed by the parties, after the straw is removed from the fields of the grower, the responsibility for the further disposition of the straw, including burning or disposal, and payment of the appropriate fees, shall be upon the person who bales, removes, controls, or is in possession of the straw.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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