OAR 629-001-0015
Rules of Procedure for Contested Cases; Applicability

The rules of procedure in this Division, OAR 629-001-0010 (Agency Representation by Officer or Employee) to 629-001-0055 (Delegation of Authority to State Forester), apply to all contested cases before the board and State Forester, unless otherwise provided by law, and are in addition to the procedural requirements of the Attorney General’s Model Rules adopted in 629-001-0005 (Model Rules of Procedure). Contested cases covered by these rules include, but are not limited to the following:


Appeal of civil penalties assessed under ORS 527.687 (Civil penalty procedure);


Appeal of “any finding or order” under ORS 527.610 (Short title) through 527.770 (Good faith compliance with best management practices not violation of water quality standards) and 527.992 (Civil penalties);


Hearings requested by persons adversely affected or aggrieved by an operation requiring a written plan under ORS 527.700 (Appeals from orders of State Forester)(3) through (9);


Appeal of temporary orders to cease further activity under ORS 527.680 (Violation by operator)(3) and 527.680 (Violation by operator)(4);


Appeal of repair orders issued under ORS 527.680 (Violation by operator)(2)(b) and 527.690 (Failure to comply with order to reforest or repair damage)(1);


Appeal of orders prohibiting new operations under ORS 527.680 (Violation by operator)(5);


Appeal by any person adversely affected by operations to be conducted under an approved or amended stewardship agreement under ORS 527.662;


Review of State Forester’s proposal to conduct repair work at state expense under ORS 527.690 (Failure to comply with order to reforest or repair damage)(2); and


Appeals of decisions on land exchanges under OAR 629-033-0055 (Appeal of Board Approval).

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Jun. 8, 2021

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