OAR 629-044-1000
Wildland-Urban Interface — Purpose


The purpose of OAR 629-044-1000 (Wildland-Urban Interface — Purpose) to 629-044-1110 (Special Assessments) is to implement the provisions of ORS 477.015 (Definitions) to 477.061 (Short title), the Oregon Forestland-Urban Interface Fire Protection Act of 1997.


The purpose of OAR 629-044-1010 (Forestland-Urban Interface Lands Identified By A Committee) to 629-044-1045 (Natural Vegetative Fuel Hazard Factor) is to set forth the criteria by which the forestland-urban interface shall be identified and classified pursuant to ORS 477.025 (Classification of lands to reflect different protection problems) to 477.057 (State Forester to classify land if county fails to act).


The purpose of OAR 629-044-1050 (Purpose And Intent Of Standards) to 629-044-1090 (Apparent Conflicts With Standards) is to set forth the standards an owner of land in the forestland-urban interface shall apply pursuant to ORS 477.059 (Obligation of landowner to comply with standards)(2).


The purpose of OAR 629-044-1095 (Written Evaluation) to 629-044-1105 (Accredited Assessors) is to set forth the process for written evaluation and certification pursuant to ORS 477.059 (Obligation of landowner to comply with standards)(3).


The purpose of OAR 629-044-1110 (Special Assessments) is to set forth the processes which shall apply to special or additional costs of fire protection within the forestland-urban interface pursuant to ORS 477.060 (Considerations in determining cost of protection).

Source: Rule 629-044-1000 — Wildland-Urban Interface — Purpose, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=629-044-1000.

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