OAR 629-048-0010


ORS 477.013 (Smoke management plan) requires the State Forester and the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to approve a plan for managing smoke in areas that they are to designate, for the purpose of maintaining air quality. The plan must designate areas within which all burning must comply with the plan.


The Smoke Management rules are intended to establish the areas required by ORS 477.013 (Smoke management plan); describe the objectives of the Smoke Management Plan; establish procedures to be followed in administering prescribed burning; educate the public as to the necessity of prescribed burning and the measures being taken to protect air quality, public health and visibility; and to provide enforceable mechanisms to ensure the requirements of the Smoke Management Plan are met.


The Smoke Management rules, promulgated by the State Forester, together with Department Directive 1-4-1-601, “Operational Guidance for the Oregon Smoke Management Program,” shall comprise the Smoke Management Plan upon approval by DEQ and filing with the Secretary of State.


The objectives of the Smoke Management Plan are to:


Minimize smoke emissions resulting from prescribed burning as described by ORS 477.552 (Policy);


Provide maximum opportunity for essential forestland burning;


Protect public health by avoiding intrusions;


Coordinate with other state smoke management programs;


Comply with state and federal air quality and visibility requirements; and


Promote the further development of techniques to minimize or reduce emissions by encouraging cost-effective utilization of forestland biomass, alternatives to burning and emission reduction techniques.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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