OAR 629-048-0200
Alternatives to Burning


When planning forest management prescriptions and particularly final harvests (prior to reforestation), owners are encouraged to use practices that will eliminate or significantly reduce the volume of prescribed burning necessary to meet their management objectives. Some practices to consider include, but are not limited to:


Maximizing the cost-effective use of woody material for manufacture of products;


Where cost-effective, using wood or other biomass for energy production or mulch;


Lopping and scattering limbs and other woody material, or operating heavy machinery over the wood to maximize contact with the soil in order to speed its breakdown; or


Re-arranging woody materials, as necessary to accomplish reforestation through the slash (from a fire prevention standpoint, this may not be desirable in areas of heavy fuel concentrations or where soil moistures are not conducive to breakdown of fuels).


Removing or minimizing large fuel concentrations and heavy fuel loading to minimize smoldering.


When prescribed burning is determined to be necessary to achieve forest management objectives, owners are encouraged to use emission reduction techniques as described in OAR 629-048-0210 (Best Burn Practices; Emission Reduction Techniques).


Prior to registration, forestland managers are strongly encouraged to consult the following:


“Non-burning Alternatives to Prescribed Fire on Wildlands in the Western United States” at http://www.wrapair.org/forums/fejf/tasks/FEJFtask3.html (Western Regional Air Partnership, February, 2004);


The Oregon Forest Industry Directory website provides information on potential markets for woody material at www.orforestdirectory.com/; and


“Forest Biomass Analysis for Western States by County” by Phillip S. Cook and Jay O’Laughlin (Western Governors’ Association, January 24, 2011), at: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jay_Laughlin/publication/266451188_Forest_Biomass_Supply_Analysis_for_Western_States_by_County_Final_Report_to_the_Western_Governors%27_Association/links/55b0ead208ae9289a0849d62/Forest-Biomass-Supply-Analysis-for-Western-States-by-County-Final-Report-to-the-Western-Governors-Association.pdf


As described in 629-048-0450 (Periodic Evaluation and Adaptive Management)(2)(c), the department shall complete an annual report summarizing the use of alternatives to burning.

Source: Rule 629-048-0200 — Alternatives to Burning, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=629-048-0200.

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