OAR 635-065-0745
Prohibited Methods

It is unlawful:


To shoot from or across a public road, road right-of-way, or railroad right-of-way, except that persons legally hunting on closed roads within department Cooperative Travel Management Areas are not violating current prohibitions on shooting from or across a public road.


To hunt for or kill any wildlife for another person except as provided in ORS 498.170 (Hunters who have a visual impairment) for visually impaired hunters, and OAR 635-065-0090 (Disabled Hunter Seasons and Bag Limits) for hunters with permanent disability permits.


To hunt any game mammal with dogs, except western gray squirrel.


To use an artificial light for hunting any wildlife, except raccoon, bobcat, and opossum provided the light is not cast from or attached to a motor vehicle. This includes laser sights or any other sights which project a beam to the target, including scopes with electronic rangefinders and scopes that receive information from a rangefinder or any electronic device. This does not include battery operated sights which only light the reticle.


To hunt or locate or scout for the purpose of hunting any wildlife with infrared or any other “night vision” sight or equipment except trail cameras.


To cast from or within 500 feet of a motor vehicle an artificial light on game mammals, predatory animals or livestock while having in possession or immediate physical presence a weapon with which the game mammals or livestock could be killed.


To take any game mammals with trap or snare.


To use any poisoning, immobilizing, or tranquilizing drug or chemical to hunt or kill any game mammal.


To possess or use a commericial cervid attractant that contains or is derived from cervide urine.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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