OAR 660-008-0005

For the purpose of this division, the definitions in ORS 197.015 (Definitions for ORS chapters 195, 196, 197 and ORS 197A.300 to 197A.325), 197.295, and 197.303 (“Needed housing” defined) shall apply. In addition, the following definitions shall apply:


“Attached Single Family Housing” means common-wall dwellings or rowhouses where each dwelling unit occupies a separate lot.


“Buildable Land” means residentially designated land within the urban growth boundary, including both vacant and developed land likely to be redeveloped, that is suitable, available and necessary for residential uses. Publicly owned land is generally not considered available for residential uses. Land is generally considered “suitable and available” unless it:


Is severely constrained by natural hazards as determined under Statewide Planning Goal 7;


Is subject to natural resource protection measures determined under Statewide Planning Goals 5, 6, 15, 16, 17 or 18;


Has slopes of 25 percent or greater;


Is within the 100-year flood plain; or


Cannot be provided with public facilities.


“Consumers of Needed Housing” means any persons who inhabit or are anticipated to inhabit Needed Housing.


“Detached Single Family Housing” means a housing unit that is free standing and separate from other housing units.
(5) “Housing Capacity Analysis” means a document, incorporated into a city’s comprehensive plan by ordinance, which complies with the provisions of ORS 197.296 (Factors to establish sufficiency of buildable lands within urban growth boundary). A Housing Capacity Analysis is an assessment of housing need and capacity that includes the inventory, determination, and analysis required under ORS 197.296 (Factors to establish sufficiency of buildable lands within urban growth boundary)(3).


“Housing Needs Projection” refers to a local determination, justified in the plan, of the mix of housing types, amounts and densities that will be:


Commensurate with the financial capabilities of present and future area residents of all income levels during the planning period;


Consistent with any adopted regional housing standards, state statutes and Commission administrative rules; and


Consistent with Goal 14 requirements.


“Housing Production Strategy” means a specific tool, action, policy, or measure a city will implement to meet the housing needs described in a Housing Capacity Analysis. A Housing Production Strategy is one component of a Housing Production Strategy Report.


“Housing Production Strategy Report” means the report cities must adopt within one year of their deadline to complete an updated Housing Capacity Analysis, pursuant to OAR 660-008-0050 (Housing Production Strategy Report Structure).


“Multiple Family Housing” means attached housing where each dwelling unit is not located on a separate lot.


“Needed Housing” means housing types determined to meet the need shown for housing within an urban growth boundary at particular price ranges and rent levels, including at least the following housing types:


Attached and detached single-family housing and multiple family housing for both owner and renter occupancy;


Government assisted housing;


Mobile home or manufactured dwelling parks as provided in ORS 197.475 (Policy) to 197.490 (Restriction on establishment of park);


Manufactured homes on individual lots planned and zoned for single-family residential use that are in addition to lots within designated manufactured dwelling subdivisions; and


Housing for farmworkers.


“Producers of Needed Housing” means developers, builders, service providers, or other persons or entities providing materials and funding needed to build Needed Housing. Producers of Needed Housing may include non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, or public entities.


“Redevelopable Land” means land zoned for residential use on which development has already occurred but on which, due to present or expected market forces, there exists the strong likelihood that existing development will be converted to more intensive residential uses during the planning period.
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