OAR 660-009-0000
Intent and Purpose

The intent of the Land Conservation and Development Commission is to provide an adequate land supply for economic development and employment growth in Oregon. The intent of this division is to link planning for an adequate land supply to infrastructure planning, community involvement and coordination among local governments and the state. The purpose of this division is to implement Goal 9, Economy of the State (OAR 660-015-0000 (Statewide Planning Goals and Guidelines #1 through #14)(9)), and ORS 197.712 (Commission duties)(2)(a) to (d). This division responds to legislative direction to assure that comprehensive plans and land use regulations are updated to provide adequate opportunities for a variety of economic activities throughout the state (ORS 197.712 (Commission duties)(1)) and to assure that comprehensive plans are based on information about state and national economic trends (ORS 197.717 (Technical assistance by state agencies)(2)).
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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