OAR 660-009-0010


This division applies to comprehensive plans for areas within urban growth boundaries. This division does not require or restrict planning for industrial and other employment uses outside urban growth boundaries. Cities and counties subject to this division must adopt plan and ordinance amendments necessary to comply with this division.


Comprehensive plans and land use regulations must be reviewed and amended as necessary to comply with this division as amended at the time of each periodic review of the plan pursuant to ORS 197.712 (Commission duties)(3). Jurisdictions that have received a periodic review notice from the Department (pursuant to OAR 660-025-0050 (Commencing Periodic Review)) prior to the effective date of amendments to this division must comply with such amendments at their next periodic review unless otherwise directed by the Commission.


Cities and counties may rely on their existing plans to meet the requirements of this division if they conclude:


There are not significant changes in economic development opportunities (e.g., a need for sites not presently provided for in the plan) based on a review of new information about national, state, regional, county and local trends; and


That existing inventories, policies, and implementing measures meet the requirements in OAR 660-009-0015 (Economic Opportunities Analysis) to 660-009-0030 (Multi-Jurisdiction Coordination).


For a post-acknowledgement plan amendment under OAR chapter 660, division 18, that changes the plan designation of land in excess of two acres within an existing urban growth boundary from an industrial use designation to a non-industrial use designation, or an other employment use designation to any other use designation, a city or county must address all applicable planning requirements, and:


Demonstrate that the proposed amendment is consistent with its most recent economic opportunities analysis and the parts of its acknowledged comprehensive plan which address the requirements of this division; or


Amend its comprehensive plan to incorporate the proposed amendment, consistent with the requirements of this division; or


Adopt a combination of the above, consistent with the requirements of this division.


The effort necessary to comply with OAR 660-009-0015 (Economic Opportunities Analysis) through 660-009-0030 (Multi-Jurisdiction Coordination) will vary depending upon the size of the jurisdiction, the detail of previous economic development planning efforts, and the extent of new information on national, state, regional, county, and local economic trends. A jurisdiction’s planning effort is adequate if it uses the best available or readily collectable information to respond to the requirements of this division.


The amendments to this division are effective January 1, 2007. A city or county may voluntarily follow adopted amendments to this division prior to the effective date of the adopted amendments.
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