OAR 660-012-0040
Transportation Financing Program


For areas within an urban growth boundary containing a population greater than 2,500 persons, the TSP shall include a transportation financing program.


A transportation financing program shall include the items listed in (a)–(d):


A list of planned transportation facilities and major improvements;


A general estimate of the timing for planned transportation facilities and major improvements;


A determination of rough cost estimates for the transportation facilities and major improvements identified in the TSP; and


In metropolitan areas, policies to guide selection of transportation facility and improvement projects for funding in the short-term to meet the standards and benchmarks established pursuant to 0035(4)–(6). Such policies shall consider, and shall include among the priorities, facilities and improvements that support mixed-use, pedestrian friendly development and increased use of alternative modes.


The determination of rough cost estimates is intended to provide an estimate of the fiscal requirements to support the land uses in the acknowledged comprehensive plan and allow jurisdictions to assess the adequacy of existing and possible alternative funding mechanisms. In addition to including rough cost estimates for each transportation facility and major improvement, the transportation financing plan shall include a discussion of the facility provider’s existing funding mechanisms and the ability of these and possible new mechanisms to fund the development of each transportation facility and major improvement. These funding mechanisms may also be described in terms of general guidelines or local policies.


Anticipated timing and financing provisions in the transportation financing program are not considered land use decisions as specified in ORS 197.712 (Commission duties)(2)(e) and, therefore, cannot be the basis of appeal under 197.610 (Submission of proposed comprehensive plan or land use regulation changes to Department of Land Conservation and Development)(1) and (2) or 197.835 (Scope of review)(4).


The transportation financing program shall provide for phasing of major improvements to encourage infill and redevelopment of urban lands prior to facilities and improvements which would cause premature development of urbanizable lands or conversion of rural lands to urban uses.

Source: Rule 660-012-0040 — Transportation Financing Program, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=660-012-0040.

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