OAR 690-093-0020

The following definitions apply to this division of the rules:


“Collateral” means the security pledged for the payment of a loan.


“Commission” means the Water Resources Commission.


“Conserved Water” means that amount of water that results from conservation measures, measured as the difference between:


The smaller of the amount stated on the water right or the maximum amount of water that can be diverted using the existing facilities; and


The amount of water needed after implementation of conservation measures to meet the beneficial use under the water right certificate.


“Director” means the director of the Oregon Water Resources Department or the director’s designee.


“Expanded Storage” means the quantity of water authorized by a new water storage permit that adds to the capacity of an already-existing storage facility.


“Indian Tribe” as defined by ORS 391.802 (Definition for ORS 391.800 to 391.830) means a federally recognized Indian tribe in Oregon that has members residing on a reservation or tribal trust lands in Oregon.


“Instream Use” means water that remains in or is released into the natural stream channel or lake bed or where water naturally flows or occurs that provides a benefit including but not limited to recreation, conservation, maintenance and enhancement of aquatic and fish life, wildlife, fish and wildlife habitat, other ecological values, pollution abatement or navigation.


“Newly Developed Water” means the new increment of water:


Stored for a project providing new or expanded storage;


Allocated to a use under a secondary water right for a project involving the allocation of previously uncontracted water stored by the United States Army Corps of Engineers under an existing water right; or


Conserved for a project to allocate conserved water under the program described in ORS 537.455 (Definitions for ORS 537.455 to 537.500 and 540.510) to 537.500 (Legal status of conserved water right).


“Non-Profit Organizations” means an organization that uses surplus revenues to achieve its goals rather than distributing them as profit or dividends.


“Perennial Stream” means a continuous stream flow year around.


“Persons” as defined by ORS 536.007 (Definitions) means individuals, corporations, associations, firms, partnerships, joint stock companies, public and municipal corporations, political subdivisions, the state and any agencies thereof, and the federal government and any agencies thereof.


“Project Materials” means documents or media materials that are published or produced to describe or market the project.


“Protected Instream” means water that remains in or is released into the natural channel and is legally protected by the state.


“Seasonally Varying Flows” means the duration, timing, frequency and volume of flows, identified for the purpose of determining conditions for a new or expanded storage project, that must remain in-stream outside of the official irrigation season in order to protect and maintain the biological, ecological and physical functions of the watershed downstream of the point of diversion, with due regard given to the need for balancing the functions against the need to store water for multiple purposes.


“Secondary Water Right” as used in OAR 690-093-0020 (Definitions) (8)(b) means a water right permit issued for the beneficial use of stored water.


“Technical Review Team” means the group consisting of representatives from Water Resources Department, the Department of Environmental Quality, the State Department of Fish and Wildlife, the State Department of Agriculture, Oregon Business Development Department, affected Indian tribes, any collaborative body established by the Governor to address challenges, opportunities and priorities for the region affected by the project and additional experts as determined by the Water Resources Department.


“Water Supply Development Account” is the account established in the State Treasury under ORS 541.656 (Water Supply Development Account).
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