OAR 690-093-0150
Agreements and Conditions


Before loan or grant moneys are expended from the Water Supply Development Account for the construction of a project, the recipient must obtain all applicable local, state and federal permits.


Project materials must include a notation indicating that Water Resources Department funding was used for the project.


The loans or grants may be conditioned to require that the recipient complete and operate the funded project as described in the loan or grant application. The Department may require that before commencing the operation of a project funded with account moneys, the funding recipient demonstrate that the public benefits identified for the project, including any environmental benefits proposed at a location other than the project site, will be realized in a timely fashion.


At regular intervals, and upon completion of the project, the loan or grant recipient must submit updates to the Department that describe the completed work, the public benefits achieved and project expenditures.


The recipient must regularly measure and report the water diverted and used from the project. The Department shall make the final determination regarding the method, timing, frequency and location of measurement.


The recipient must monitor, evaluate and maintain the project for the life of the loan, or for a specified number of years for a grant, and provide annual progress reports to the Department.


The Department may impose other project specific conditions by noting the conditions during project evaluation and including the condition in the funding agreement for the project.


The Department may terminate, reduce or delay funding for a project if the loan or grant recipient fails to comply with any provision of subsections (1) to (7) of this section.

Source: Rule 690-093-0150 — Agreements and Conditions, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=690-093-0150.

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