OAR 690-200-0020
General Statement About the Standards


The rules and regulations set forth herein provide the minimum standards for the construction, conversion, alteration, maintenance, and abandonment of water supply wells. After the effective date of adoption of these rules and regulations, no water supply well shall be constructed, altered, converted, or abandoned contrary to the provisions of these rules and regulations without prior approval from the Water Resources Department. Violation of these standards may result in enforcement under OAR chapter 690, division 225, including suspension or revocation of a constructor’s license, imposition of civil penalties on the landowner or constructor, action on a bond, or other sanctions authorized by law.


Every well shall be designed and constructed to adapt to the existing local geologic and ground water conditions at the well site and shall fully utilize every natural protection to the ground water supply. If prior to or during construction the well constructor becomes aware that specific site conditions will not allow adherence to the following minimum well standards, the constructor shall request and obtain written approval from the Director to use alternative construction methods, materials or standards. The request shall be in writing and submitted to the Director as described in OAR 690-200-0021 (Special Standards). Special standard approval from the Director must be obtained prior to completion of the well.


Certain wells constructed under these rules may be suitable for use as public, community, municipal, or public utility supplies. Regulations administered by other agencies may apply in addition to those in this chapter (see Appendix 1).
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