OAR 690-200-0021
Special Standards


Site conditions may require specific design, construction, and abandonment procedures to adapt to the existing local geologic and ground water conditions to fully utilize every natural protection to the state’s ground water. Specific site conditions may require different design, construction, setback, or abandonment standards than required by the Water Supply Well construction rules. Alternative technologies or methods not addressed in these rules may also exist which could be effectively utilized in the construction or abandonment of a water supply well. Prior to the completion of the well, a bonded constructor must request and receive approval from the Department to use methods or materials that do not meet the water supply well construction standards. The Department may approve such requests either orally or in writing. If oral approval is granted, the written request must be submitted to the Department within three working days of the date of the oral approval. Failure to submit a written request as described above may void the prior oral approval. The proposed methods or materials shall provide at least the same level of resource protection as that which is provided by these rules.


The written request for special standards shall include:


Name, license number and signature of the bonded well constructor;


Location of the well by county, township, range, section, tax-lot (if assigned) and either the 14, 14 section or Latitude and Longitude as established by a global positioning system;


Name and address of landowner;


Address of the project/well site;


Type of work;


The distance to the nearest well and septic tank or drainfield;


The reasons(s) that conformance to the rules and regulations for water supply wells cannot be met;


A diagram and written description showing the proposed water supply well design, construction, or abandonment;


A site map showing the relationship of the well to any existing septic systems, if the request is to place a well within the minimum setbacks described in OAR 690-210-0030 (Placement of Water Supply Wells);


The well identification number, if assigned; and


The start card number.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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