OAR 690-215-0045
Deepening of Wells


Only the following wells may be deepened without an approved special standard:


Wells with well reports that describe the original construction. The original well report must be:


Referenced on the deepening well report; or


Attached to the deepening well report.


Wells that are recased and resealed to meet the current minimum well construction standards.


The static water level shall be measured prior to and after deepening any well. Both readings shall be recorded on the well log.


If the deepening of an existing well results in access to a new aquifer then prior to completion of deepening work all previous aquifers, including previous aquifers that have gone dry or are low-producing, shall be cased and sealed off using the methods described in OAR 690-210.


The deepening of a water supply well shall not result in the commingling of aquifers.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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