Oregon Water Resources Department

Rule Rule 690-310-0000


The purpose of this division is to establish information requirements, and procedures and standards which shall be applied by the Department in the evaluation of applications for a permit to appropriate surface water, ground water, to construct a reservoir and store water, to use reserved water or to use water stored in a reservoir.


Applicants should be aware that other rule divisions apply to applications for instream water rights (OAR 690, division 77), reservations for economic development (OAR 690, division 79), water right transfers (OAR 690, division 15), use of conserved water (OAR 690, division 18), water use for chemical process mining (OAR 690, division 78), out-of-basin diversions (OAR 690, division 12), drought mitigation (OAR 690, division 19), claims for pre-1909 vested water rights (OAR 690, division 28), hydroelectric power generation (OAR 690, division 51), minimum perennial streamflows (OAR 690, division 76) and other uses of water not subject to permit or certificate requirements (OAR 690, division 340).

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Jun. 8, 2021