Oregon Water Resources Department

Rule Rule 690-310-0020
Requirement to Notify Owner of Land Crossed by Proposed Ditch, Canal or Other Work


The Department shall not issue a permit without notifying the owner, as identified in the application, of any land to be crossed by a proposed ditch, canal or other work as set forth in the application. The Department shall provide the notice even if the applicant has obtained written authorization or an easement from the owner.


If more than 25 persons are identified in the application as required under OAR 690-310-0040 (Application Requirements)(1)(a)(F), the Department may provide the notice required under section (1) of this rule by publishing notice of the application in a newspaper having general circulation in the area in which the proposed ditch, canal or other work is located at least once each week for at least two successive weeks. The cost of the publication shall be paid by the applicant in advance to the Department.

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