Rule Rule 695-005-0060
Distribution of Funds


The Director may withhold payments to a Grantee in a situation where there are significant and persistent difficulties with satisfying Board requirements.


Prior to disbursement of Board funds, the Grantee must provide proof that the 25% required match, based on the total Board award, has been secured.


Prior to disbursement of Board funds for projects involving private lands, the Board must receive certification from the Grantee that they will obtain, prior to expending Board funds on a property, a cooperative agreement from the landowner that, at a minimum, includes:


Permission to access the private land, at times agreeable to the landowner, to implement the project, inspect the project, track the status of the project, or perform repairs or maintenance;


Permission for the Board or its representatives to access the private land for inspection and evaluation of the project; and


Identification of the party responsible for repairs and maintenance of the project.


Funds shall not be disbursed until the Board receives satisfactory evidence that necessary permits and licenses have been granted and documents required by the Board have been submitted.


Funds will be released upon presentation of a completed fund release request form accompanied by documents as determined by the Director, and proof of completion of specific work elements of the project as identified in the Grant Agreement.


Advance funds may be released upon presentation of a detailed estimate of expenses for up to 120 days. Within 120 days of the date of the advance check, receipts or invoices for the advance must be submitted, a justification to extend the advance must be approved, or the unexpended advance funds must be returned to the Board. Additional funds will not be released until receipts for expenditures of previous fund releases are submitted, or an estimate of expenditures is approved by the Director.


All grant agreements authorized by the Board shall have a clause that requires the retention of up to ten percent of project funds until the final report, as required in the grant agreement, has been approved. Final reports are due within 60 days of project completion. Any unexpended Board funds must be returned to the Board with the final report. Upon receipt of the final report, the Board shall have 90 days to approve the completed report or notify the Grantee of any concerns that must be addressed or missing information that must be submitted before the report is considered complete and reviewed for approval. Once the final report has been approved the final payment shall be promptly processed.


All Grantees shall account for at least 25% in actual match, on a form prescribed by the Board, based on the total Board grant expenditures, upon project conclusion and final reporting.
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