OAR 695-010-0020


“Affected City and County” means any city or county within which all or part of a watershed enhancement project funded by the Board would be located.


“Maintenance” means those activities and actions necessary to sustain the useful life of a constructed watershed improvement. Maintenance does not include those activities necessary to establish the improvement.


“Watershed Restoration Project” means a project that involves an on-the-ground element such as: riparian planting, fish habitat construction, wetland restoration, livestock grazing plans, water conservation projects utilizing the state Conserved Water Program, etc.


“Watershed Function” means the hydrologic and geomorphic processes that support a healthy watershed ecosystem.


“Watershed Health” means the condition of a watershed as measured by the ability of the watershed to capture, store and release water, and transport sediment and nutrients in order to provide clean water, high quality fish and wildlife habitat, and adequate streamflows to support instream uses.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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