Rule Rule 695-010-0030
Watershed Restoration Priorities

For grant applications to be funded by the Watershed Conservation Grant Fund, the following preferences will apply:


Projects that address altered watershed functions affecting water quality, water flow volume and duration, and the production capacity for fish over projects that address site-specific land use problems where the greatest benefit is to a private resource or land.


Projects that include removal or remediation of human-caused alterations (roads, culverts, channelization, etc.) to improve water quality and/or fish habitat over projects that enhance naturally functioning systems.


Projects that change land management practices to address the causes of chronic disturbances to the watershed over projects that address only symptoms of disturbance.


Projects with direct evidence of collaboration between stakeholders and agencies over single-party projects.


Projects focusing on upslope and upstream treatments over projects focusing on downslope and downstream treatments, unless the project addresses tidal-driven systems or addresses other specific issues (e.g. historic losses) that encompass whole watershed conditions.
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Jul. 13, 2020