OAR 695-035-0060
Ineligible Small Grant Projects


The Small Grant Program will not fund projects that:


Do not demonstrate a clear watershed benefit to aquatic species, wildlife, or watershed health.


Are not consistent with the local Small Grant Team’s priority watershed concerns, as identified in their program grant agreements with OWEB.


Do not adhere to OWEB administrative rules: OAR 695-005-0010 (Purpose)695-005-0060 (Distribution of Funds), 695-035-0010 (Small Grant Program)695-035-0070 (Periodic Review and Evaluation of the Small Grant Program), and 695-050-0010 (Purpose)695-050-0050 (Cooperation with, and Technical Assistance to, Local Governments).


Do not implement a project to restore, enhance, or protect native fish or wildlife habitat, watershed or ecosystem functions, or water quality.


Do not use and clearly identify in the small grant application technical guidance and standards from one of the approved sources listed in OAR 695-035-0030 (Small Grant Program Application)(3).


Are at the same location as, and are identical to, projects that have already been funded, are currently being funded, or are currently being considered for funding through either the Small Grant Program or other OWEB grant programs.


The following project types are ineligible for funding through the Small Grant Program:


Project planning and design not done in conjunction with the implementation of funded restoration or enhancement activities.


Routine maintenance.


Trash removal.


Fish screens and trash racks.


Tide gate removal, replacement, or installation.


Constructed stream bank armoring.


Development of off-channel watering systems not done in conjunction with fencing a riparian area or managing nutrient and sediment inputs in upland areas.


Pond cleaning and pond creation (does not include off-channel watering systems and pump-back systems).


Residential landscaping not done in conjunction with the implementation of funded riparian restoration or enhancement activities.


Weed control not done in conjunction with the implementation of funded restoration or enhancement activities.


Projects required as a condition of a local, state, or federal permit, order, or enforcement action (e.g., mitigation projects, manure storage and management projects that are required by a permit from ODA).


Irrigation practices that adversely impact the current level of groundwater in a Groundwater Management Area, or do not measurably reduce the diversion of water at the point of diversion.


Irrigation water conservation projects that propose any of the following activities:


Irrigation system maintenance or renovation of existing pipe.


Restoring a system that has deteriorated due to lack of maintenance and/or inadequate design.


Portable pipe (does not include gated pipe) or ditch cleaning.


Electrical costs resulting from conversion to pump from flood irrigation.


Western juniper management that involves the removal of late-seral/old growth juniper.


Reforestation or tree planting on lands following a commercial harvest.


Prescribed burning when conducted as part of a commercial operation.


Commercial thinning.

Source: Rule 695-035-0060 — Ineligible Small Grant Projects, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=695-035-0060.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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