OAR 731-012-0060
Stakeholder Forum


If Department staff identify that the Proposed Action has the potential for a Reduction of Vehicle-Carrying Capacity, a Stakeholder Forum will be convened.


In preparation for a Stakeholder Forum meeting, Department staff will prepare a project description including any anticipated Safety Considerations and Access Considerations.


Department staff will ask the Stakeholder Forum to review the project description of a Proposed Action and provide advice to the Director regarding whether or not the Proposed Action meets the definition of Reduction of Vehicle-Carrying Capacity. The Stakeholder Forum may advise the Department that a Proposed Action will not result in a Reduction of Vehicle-Carrying. Pursuant to 731-012-0020 (Definitions)(10) the Stakeholder Forum may also record support for a Proposed Action regardless of any changes to horizontal or vertical clearance.


Department staff will prepare documentation of Stakeholder Forum advice and recommendations. Documentation will include which elements of the Reduction of Vehicle-Carrying Capacity definition 731-012-0020 (Definitions)(10) the Stakeholder Forum feels will result in the reduction.


If agreement is reached by the Stakeholder Forum on a design that avoids any actual Reduction of Vehicle-Carrying Capacity or is supported by the Stakeholder Forum no further division 12 review is required.” The Department may continue with the Proposed Action using Department processes including other appropriate reviews not covered by this division.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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