OAR 731-070-0050
Submission of Unsolicited Proposals for OIPP Projects


Any private entity or unit of government may submit an unsolicited Detailed Proposal for a Transportation Project to ODOT for consideration under the OIPP.


A proposal review fee in the amount prescribed by OAR 731-070-0055 (Fees to Accompany Unsolicited Proposals)(1)(c) must accompany any unsolicited Detailed Proposal submitted by a private entity or unit of government.


The proposer shall submit 20 copies, individually identified, of any unsolicited proposal in addition to the proposal bearing the signature of the authorized representative. The original proposal, required copies and processing fee shall be delivered to the Director or his designee.


ODOT will consider an unsolicited proposal only if the proposal:


Is unique or innovative in comparison with and is not substantially duplicative of other transportation system projects included in the state transportation improvement program within the Department or, if it is similar to a project in the state transportation improvement program, the project has not been fully funded by ODOT or any other public entity as of the date the proposal is submitted, or the proposal offers an opportunity to materially advance or accelerate the implementation of the project. Unique or innovative features which may be considered by ODOT in evaluating such a proposal may include but are not limited to unique or innovative financing, construction, design, schedule or other project components as compared with other projects or as otherwise defined by ODOT rules or regulations; and


Includes all information required by and is presented in the format set out in OAR 731-070-0060 (Contents and Format of Detailed or Competing Proposals). Such information shall include a list of any proprietary information included in the proposal that the proposer considers protected trade secrets or other information exempted from disclosure under ORS 367.803(5) and (6) and OAR 731-070-0280 (Public Records Requests) and 0290.


ODOT will not consider an unsolicited proposal for a project involving another state or local government unit of another state unless ODOT and the appropriate representative of the other state or of the local government unit of the other state have entered into an agreement that permits the acceptance of unsolicited proposals for such a project.


ODOT will not consider an unsolicited proposal for a project that has been incorporated in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) as approved by the Oregon Transportation Commission, and for which funding is fully committed, if the proposal is submitted later than July 1 of the design year designated in the STIP or, if no design year is designated, July 1 of the year that is two years prior to the construction year designated in the STIP.

Source: Rule 731-070-0050 — Submission of Unsolicited Proposals for OIPP Projects, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=731-070-0050.

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