OAR 732-030-0020
Application Review


The Division will review and approve STO fund applications:


The Division will consider material submitted in the application as the basis for application approval; and


The Division may ask for further information or clarification.


The Division may disapprove the application and, if disapproved, will inform the STF Agency of the reason for disapproval.


Reasons for disapproval may include, and are not limited to, the following:


No Advisory Committee or improper membership;


Advisory Committee failure to meet and confer;


STF Agency failure to confer with the Advisory Committee;


A Recipient that is ineligible;


The use of STO moneys to supplant the STF Agency’s local appropriation currently used to provide transportation services benefiting the Elderly and People with Disabilities; and


Proposed Projects are not eligible for funding.


Disapproved formula program applications may be improved and resubmitted by the STF Agency.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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