OAR 734-072-0007

For purposes of OAR chapter 734, division 72, the following definitions apply:


“Level I authorization” means a motor carrier may self-issue single trip permits following the telephone application process established in OAR 734-072-0015 (Telephone Application for Self-Issued Variance Permit).


“Level II authorization” means a motor carrier providing service described in OAR 734-076-0115 (Tow Vehicle Authorized Use)(4) to independently issue a “pre-authorized” self-issue single trip permit to a specific power unit without calling the Commerce and Compliance Division.


“Level III authorization” means a motor carrier may independently self-issue single trip permits without contacting the Commerce and Compliance Division.


“Incident” means an individual occurrence or event.


“Major Error” means a substantial deviation from accuracy or correctness. Major errors include but are not limited to:


Exceeding the weight limits of a weight-restricted bridge;


Permitting overheight loads into structures without appropriate traffic control or appropriate routing;


Fewer pilot vehicle(s) permitted than are normally required;


Incorrect positioning of pilot vehicle(s);


Missing or inaccurate road restrictions: and


Self-issuing a Level III permit prior to successful completion of a training program administered by the Over-Dimension Permit Unit.


“Roadway Device” means markers, signs, structures (e.g. guardrail), and/or signal devices used to inform, guide and control traffic, including pedestrians, motor vehicle driver, and bicyclists. These devices are usually adjacent, over or along the highways, roads, traffic facilities and other public areas that require traffic control.


“Power Unit” means the vehicle with one or more drive axles providing motive power to the ground.


“Vehicle” means every device in, upon, or by which any person or property can be transported or drawn upon a highway.


“Electronic Issuance” means providing a copy of the permit to the motor carrier using a method other than delivery via postal mail or pick-up at an authorized ODOT location.


“Reasonable Grounds” means a set of facts or circumstances which would satisfy an ordinary cautious and prudent person that there is reason to believe and which goes beyond mere suspicion.


“Satisfactory Safety Rating” means a safety rating other than unsatisfactory.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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