OAR 734-076-0115
Tow Vehicle Authorized Use


The following uses are allowed for tow vehicles towing disabled vehicles when operating under a permit issued by the Over-Dimension Permit Unit:


A Class A tow vehicle may tow a combination of vehicles only the distance necessary to leave the public highway. From that point, no more than one vehicle may be towed;


A Class B and Class C tow vehicle may tow a:


Single vehicle unrestricted as to distance; or


Combination of vehicles authorized by statute, rule or variance permit to the nearest population center of at least 15,000 or 100 airmiles in Oregon, whichever is greater; and


A Class D tow vehicle is not authorized to tow more than one vehicle.


A truck-tractor semitrailer load recovery vehicle may only be used to transport the load of a disabled unit from the site of the incident to the nearest population center of at least 15,000, or 100 airmiles in Oregon, whichever is greater. Such load recovery vehicle may transport, in addition to the recovered load, equipment necessary to recover the load. The weight may exceed those established in ORS 818.010 (Maximum allowable weight) providing the weight does not exceed that allowed by OAR 734-076-0145 (Maximum Weights).


A solo recovery vehicle may be used only to transport the load of a disabled vehicle that is of comparable size to the recovery vehicle.


A log truck or full log truck “towing vehicle” may tow an empty disabled log truck, a disabled log truck with a decked pole trailer, a loaded or unladen disabled full log truck, a disabled motor truck modified to transport logs with a trailer decked, or a loaded disabled log truck and pole trailer combination. A laden disabled log truck and pole trailer combination may be towed only to a destination mill or the motor carrier terminal, whichever is closer.


A towing vehicle may tow a replacement vehicle to the necessary location.


A tow vehicle used to haul commodities other than disabled vehicles, or a replacement vehicle, as referenced in subsection (5) of this rule, must obtain a variance permit in accordance with OAR Chapter 734 applicable to the oversize or overweight load being hauled. The variance permit must be obtained prior to the move and carried in the tow vehicle.

Source: Rule 734-076-0115 — Tow Vehicle Authorized Use, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=734-076-0115.

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