OAR 734-078-0017
Rear Overhang


A combination of vehicles operating under a division 78 variance permit is subject to rear overhang requirements as follows:


If rear overhang exceeds legal limits, a single trip permit or a continuous trip permit may be issued for rear overhang;


In addition to any other pilot vehicle requirements specified on a permit, if rear overhang exceeds 25 feet, the permit will specify the requirement of a rear pilot vehicle for travel on any portion of a non-interstate multi-lane highway when the normal route to the destination requires the combination to exit the multi-lane portion of such highway;


For the purpose of this rule, rear overhang will be measured from:


The rearmost direct weight bearing pivot point to the end of the load of a pole trailer; or


The rearmost load bearing point of any other trailer, exclusive of any non-load bearing appurtenances, regardless of any log bunks attached to the trailer.


A vehicle, including but not limited to an auxiliary axle, attached to the rear of the rearmost trailer in the combination for the purpose of distributing load weight will not be considered in determining rear overhang.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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