OAR 734-082-0053
Primary and Secondary Haul


A combination of vehicles that includes a semitrailer exceeding eight feet six inches in width or exceeding 53 feet in length shall not transport multiple items except as authorized in OAR 734-082-0051 (Commodities Authorized by the Permit) or this rule. This section authorizes multiple items transported on a semitrailer up to 10 feet in width or with trailers up to 62 feet in length and with weights authorized under ORS 818.010 (Maximum allowable weight).


A single trip permit may be issued authorizing item(s) to be transported as a secondary haul movement provided:


A single trip permit authorizing the primary haul is issued and the single trip permit for the secondary haul is applied for listing the commodities and their origination point and is issued at the same time;


The origination point of the secondary haul load shall:


Be on the route of the primary haul; or


Not be greater than 25 road miles from the origin/delivery point of the primary haul;


Items stacked side by side or overlapping shall not be more than eight feet six inches in width;


Items stacked one on the other or transported on the upper deck(s) of a drop deck trailer shall not be more than 14 feet in height;


Items loaded end to end on a semitrailer shall not exceed 53 feet in length; and


The authorized weight for the secondary haul shall not exceed that allowed under ORS 818.010 (Maximum allowable weight) unless the single trip permit authorizes Permit Weight Table 2.


The single trip permits issued for the primary and secondary haul shall display the number of the permit issued for the accompanying primary or secondary haul in the Special Provisions section of the permit.


The single trip permits authorizing the primary haul and the secondary haul and the bill of lading of each haul shall be carried in the vehicle and made available on request by enforcement personnel or other ODOT personnel.


The single trip permits authorizing the primary haul and secondary haul shall run concurrently and shall not exceed a period of 10 days.

Source: Rule 734-082-0053 — Primary and Secondary Haul, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=734-082-0053.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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