OAR 735-040-0070
Plate Design


Group plates shall:


As provided under ORS 805.205 (Special plates for certain groups), be from the “current regular issue,” which as used here means:


The plate design currently in use for most vehicles registered with DMV, whether or not that is the design used for all vehicle or registration types for which group plates may be issued; and


Is the plate design chosen by the Oregon Transportation Commission from entries in the contest held pursuant to Chapter 572, Oregon Laws, 1987, but with the blue sky as provided by ORS 803.538 (Color of sky in graphic plates).


Contain plate configurations (identification assigned by DMV) and a word, words or initials naming or describing the group, and any other information determined by DMV, the design and placement of which shall be determined by DMV.


All of the following apply to the word, words or initials used to name or describe the group. They shall:


Be determined by DMV after consultation with the group;


Contain only alphabetic (A–Z) or numeric (0–9) characters;


Be distinctive so as to distinguish the group from similar groups and from any other registration or plate type;


Conform to the restrictions in ORS 805.205 (Special plates for certain groups);


Not contain words prohibited under DMV’s custom plate rules (OAR 735-046-0000 (Definitions) and 735-046-0010 (Custom Plates: Application and Standards)). DMV shall apply the same standards as used in the custom plate rules when determining whether to preclude a word(s) under this subsection or to take cancellation action on any plates that may have been issued;


Be made part of the plate through the plate manufacturing process and not be in the form of a sticker or decal;


Be of the same color as is used for the plate configuration;


Be of a size and style and limited in number of characters, as determined by DMV, so as to:


Fit in the available space;


Be readable;


Not interfere with other portions of the plate or make those other portions less distinguishable from a distance; and


Be consistent in design with similar plates issued by DMV.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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