OAR 735-050-0050
Content of Uniform Financial Responsibility Certificate and Procedure for Processing

(1) A person required to file a certificate of insurance, for purposes of proving future responsibility, must submit a Uniform Financial Responsibility Certificate (SR-22).
(2) An SR-22 will not be accepted unless it contains:
(a) The insured’s complete name and address. If two names are on the certificate, it will not be accepted. The only exception is an “on-behalf-of” certificate. An “on-behalf-of” certificate is filed by an owner of a motor vehicle, showing proof of financial responsibility on behalf of their employee or a member of their immediate family in lieu of the driver furnishing such proof. The filing of this type of certificate only permits the person to operate a motor vehicle covered by the proof;
(b) The insured’s driver license number and date of birth;
(c) The insurance carrier name, not the name of the insurance producer (agent). The carrier name is acceptable if preprinted on the back of the form, or typed on the front;
(d) The policy number;
(e) The effective date of the certification;
(f) A box must be checked to show whether the policy is for an operator or an owner;
(g) Information showing that the certificate is issued as proof of compliance with financial responsibility requirements in Oregon;
(h) A certification by an authorized representative of the insurance carrier that a motor vehicle liability policy as required by the financial responsibility laws of Oregon, and in effect on the effective date of the certification, has been issued to the insured named on the SR-22;
(i) The date the SR-22 was issued. An SR-22 received by DMV more than 30 days after the date it was issued will not be accepted;
(j) The signature of the authorized representative of the insurance carrier. An electronic signature as described in OAR 735-018-0010 (Definitions)(3) and 735-018-0060 (Signature) constitutes a signature for purposes of this rule; and
(k) A secured internet Web site address at the bottom of the form if the SR-22 is provided to DMV in Web site format.
(3) The certification in subsection (2)(h) of this rule is a declaration of the issuing insurance carrier that:
(a) The policy covers all vehicles that are registered in the name of or operated by the named insured, except as provided in ORS 806.270 (Certificate of insurance)(2); and
(b) If applicable, it has assumed the higher liability limits required for a Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants conviction under the financial responsibility laws of Oregon as required by ORS 806.075 (Insurance requirements for person convicted of driving under influence of intoxicants).
(4) The insurer issuing the certificate must be authorized by the Insurance Division of the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services to do business in Oregon, unless the insurer is an eligible surplus lines insurer of a risk retention group.

Source: Rule 735-050-0050 — Content of Uniform Financial Responsibility Certificate and Procedure for Processing, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=735-050-0050.

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