OAR 735-063-0380
Reinstatement of CDL Disqualification


To be eligible to apply under ORS 809.520 (Lifetime suspension of commercial driving privileges)(3) for reinstatement of a lifetime suspension of commercial driving privileges imposed by DMV under ORS 809.520 (Lifetime suspension of commercial driving privileges)(2), the person must:


Meet all requirements for issuance of a CDL or CLP;


Provide any information requested sufficient for DMV to find there is good cause for reinstatement; and


Successfully complete rehabilitation as approved by DMV and provide proof of such completion.


In determining whether good cause for reinstatement has been shown, DMV will consider the person’s driving record for the 10 years preceding the date of application for reinstatement. DMV will not reinstate commercial driving privileges if any of the following appear on the person’s driving record in this state or in any other jurisdiction:


A conviction for an offense involving the operation of a CMV.


A conviction for any offense listed in ORS 809.510 (Conviction of crime).


A conviction for the offense described in ORS 809.520 (Lifetime suspension of commercial driving privileges)(1).


A conviction for any offenses listed in OAR 735-063-0360 (Serious Traffic Offenses).


A conviction for reckless endangering a highway worker in any vehicle.


A suspension of driving privileges under the Driver Improvement Program or a similar program in another jurisdiction appears on the person’s driving record within the three years preceding the date of application for reinstatement.


The following courses are approved by DMV as meeting the rehabilitation requirement:


National Safety Council, DDC Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving; and


National Safety Council, DDC Professional Truck Drivers.


If a required course listed in section (3) of this rule is not available in Oregon, DMV will accept proof the person has successfully completed the on-line version of the course. If a required course is not available in Oregon and there is no on-line version available, DMV may accept proof of successful completion of an equivalent rehabilitation course or program.

Source: Rule 735-063-0380 — Reinstatement of CDL Disqualification, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=735-063-0380.

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