OAR 736-008-0020

For purposes of OAR 736-008-0005 (Purpose of Rule) through 736-008-0055 (Emergency Procedure) the following definitions shall apply:


“Acquisition” — The gaining of property rights, including but not limited to fee title or easements, for public use by donation or purchase.


“Conversion” — Property acquired and/or developed with L&WCF assistance that has been converted to other than public outdoor recreation uses.


“Current Park Master Plan” — A site-specific resource based plan guiding park acquisition, development, protection and management of park areas and facilities.


“Department” — The State Parks and Recreation Department.


“Development” — The construction or rehabilitation of facilities necessary for the use and enjoyment of public outdoor recreation resources.


“Director” — The Director of the State Parks and Recreation Department.


“Eligible Project” — An acquisition, development, or major rehabilitation undertaking which satisfies the requirements of the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund Program.


“Implementation Program” — A requirement of SCORP which identifies salient recreation issues to be addressed over a two-year period.


“Land and Water Conservation Fund (L&WCF)” — Those funds made available to the state through the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act of 1965 (Public Law 88-578).


“Local Comprehensive Plan” — The comprehensive land use plan prepared by each local jurisdiction within the state, as required by ORS Chapter 197 (Comprehensive Land Use Planning).


“Major Rehabilitation” — The repair, restoration, or reconstruction of eligible facilities which is necessitated by obsolescence, building code changes, or normal wear and tear not attributed to lack of maintenance.


“Oregon Application Procedures Manual” — A manual prepared by the Department containing state and federal policies, procedures and instructions to assist local government agencies wishing to participate in L&WCF assistance.


“Oregon Outdoor Recreation Committee (OORC)” — The committee appointed by the Director to prioritize L&WCF project applications.


“Project Authorization” — State/local agreement which authorizes the project, as signed by both the Department and project sponsor.


“Project Sponsor” — The recipient of the grant funds and the agency responsible for implementation of the project and the maintenance and operation of the site.


“Reapportionment Account” — Those monies derived from project underruns, cancellations and reduction in project scope. Separate accounts will be kept for both state and local sponsors.


“State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan” — Otherwise known as SCORP, the document used to identify and assess Oregon outdoor recreation needs.


“State Liaison Officer (SLO)” — Designated by the Governor, the State Parks and Recreation Department Director and his designees who have the responsibility to administer the stateside L&WCF.


“State/Local Agreement” — Agreement between the state and project sponsor which authorizes the project to begin.
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