OAR 736-010-0027
Boats and Moorages


The park manager may post restrictions or prohibitions on the use of motorboats or other watercraft at park properties.


Boaters must comply with regulatory signs posted in boat launching, moorage and beach areas.


Boaters shall moor or secure their boat in a manner that will not cause personal injury or damage to private property or park resources.


Boaters shall vacate moorages by the designated checkout time on the last day of the rental date unless otherwise posted.


If a person has failed to pay moorage rental rates for two consecutive days, has exceeded the moorage stay limit, or is occupying a moorage slip reserved by another, the department may have all possessions, including the watercraft, removed at the owner’s expense. The department is not responsible for any loss or damage to possessions or watercraft.


The park manager may permit or restrict fishing from boat moorage docks.


A person may not swim or water ski within 200 feet of boat moorage docks or facilities.


Motorized boats and all other watercraft are prohibited from entering established swimming areas except for the protection or rescue of human life.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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