OAR 736-010-0030
Domestic Animals


A handler is responsible for the behavior of their domestic animal and shall either confine their domestic animal or keep it under physical control on a leash not more than six feet long at all times except in designated off leash areas.


In designated off leash areas a handler shall keep their domestic animal under control at all times such that it is within the unobstructed sight of the handler, remains responsive to voice commands, or other methods of control.


Handlers shall carry a leash or restraining device at all times while in designated off leash areas and must promptly leash animals at the request or order of a park employee.


Handlers must prevent their domestic animal from harassing or intimidating people, wildlife, and other domestic animals.


Domestic animals shall only be hitched or confined in a manner that does not cause damage to any park resources.


A handler shall pick up and properly dispose of their domestic animal’s waste while at the park property.


With the exception of service animals and miniature horses as described in section (12) below, domestic animals are prohibited in the following locations:


Park property buildings and structures, except for up to a total of two dogs or cats in any combination in yurts and cabins that have been designated as pet friendly by the park manager;


Bodies of water, except hunting dogs are allowed in those areas described in OAR 736-010-0055 (Park Resources);


Beaches adjacent to designated for swimming areas; and


Other areas where posted.


The park manager or an enforcement officer may take any measure deemed necessary (including the removal of the animal from the park property) to protect park resources or to prevent interference by the animal with the safety, comfort, or well-being of any person at the park property.


Park employees may seize any domestic animal running at large in a park area and release it to an animal pound or animal control officer or shelter.


The park manager may designate a portion of a park property to be open to dogs off leash for the purposes of training dogs, conducting open field trials, or exercising dogs under the control of the handler.


With the exception of miniature horses as described in section (12) below, a person may not ride, drive, lead, or keep a horse or other large animal at any park property, except on such roads, trails, or areas designated for that purpose. A handler may not hitch or confine a horse or other large animal in a manner that may cause damage to any tree, shrub, improvement or structure.


The park manager or designated park employee will allow the use of a miniature horse by an individual with a disability if the miniature horse has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of the individual with a disability and if, in the park manager or designee’s assessment, the miniature horse can reasonably be allowed in a specific facility based on consideration of the following:


The type, size and weight of the miniature horse and whether the facility can accommodate these features;


Whether the handler has sufficient control of the miniature horse;


Whether the miniature horse is housebroken; and


Whether the miniature horse’s presence in a specific facility compromises legitimate safety requirements that are necessary for safe operation.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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