OAR 736-021-0100
Visitor Conduct


A person may not mutilate, deface, damage, or remove any property, structure or facility of any kind in the ocean shore state recreation area, except as provided in OAR 736-021-0090 (Cultural, Historic, Natural and Wildlife Resources).


A person may not leave any material not found naturally on the ocean shore, including garbage, recyclables, sewage, or waste, on the ocean shore state recreation area.


A person may not engage in the following activities on the ocean shore state recreation area:


Possessing or using alcoholic beverage(s) if the person is under 21 years of age;


Fighting or promoting, instigating or encouraging fighting or similar violent conduct that would threaten the physical well-being of any person;


Activities or conduct that constitutes a public nuisance or hazard; or


Public indecency as defined in ORS 163.465 (Public indecency);


A person may only engage in the following activities on the ocean shore state recreation area as authorized in a special use permit that they obtain from the department pursuant to OAR chapter 736, division 16 or written permission from the park manager:


Use or operation of any noise or light-producing machine, vehicle, device or instrument in a manner that may disturb persons or wildlife;


Possessing, discharging, or causing to be discharged, any firecracker, explosives, torpedoes, rockets, or fireworks or other substances;


Using a metal detector or similar device in any property not listed on the “Detecting Allowed” list, published on the department website;


Blocking, obstructing or interfering with pedestrian or vehicular traffic;


Descending, scaling or technical rock climbing on rock formations and cliffs;


Entering or occupying any portion of the ocean shore state recreation area that has been closed to public access, including fenced areas; and


Constructing a structure or sign.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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