OAR 736-021-0120


A person may have a recreational beach fire in the ocean shore state recreation area under the following conditions:


Fires are no larger than three feet by three feet by three feet in dimension. A person may apply for a special use permit under division 16 for larger fires.


Fires must be located as follows:


In the open sand area;


Downwind of any shoreline vegetation and small wood debris or log accumulations;


Never in dunes, small wood debris or beach log accumulations; and


A minimum of 25 feet away from beach access points, shoreline vegetation, log accumulations and seawalls constructed of wood or other combustible material.


Fires must not be left unattended;


Fires must not cause damage to facilities or natural resources;


Fires may not be covered with sand; and


Fires must be extinguished completely with water and be broken apart before its users leave the area.


A person may only burn paper products and untreated natural wood free of attached metal, nails, glass or plastic objects. A person may not use gasoline, diesel or any other petroleum-based products to start a fire.


Notwithstanding section (1), the department may restrict fires to individual beach areas, or temporarily prohibit fires due to high fire hazard conditions.


Beach fires are prohibited in western snowy plover-management areas as provided in OAR 736-021-0090 (Cultural, Historic, Natural and Wildlife Resources).
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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