Oregon Parks and Recreation Department

Rule Rule 736-027-0010

For the purposes of this rule, the terms:


“Salvage” or “Salvageable Object” means any object, thing or material, exclusive of driftlogs, which is not in its natural state, and is not a “natural product of the ocean shore” (as used in ORS 390.705 (Prohibition against placing certain conduits across recreation area and against removal of natural products) and 37 Opinion of Attorney General 420 (1975)), which is washed up or deposited upon the regulated area;


“Regulated Area” means any part of the ocean shore lying between the extreme low tide line and the line of vegetation described in ORS 390.770 (Vegetation line described), or the line of established upland shore vegetation, whichever is farther inland, and below 16’ elevation on headlands, which is located between the Oregon-California State line and the south jetty at the mouth of the Columbia River;


“Beach Fronting a State Park” means all of the ocean shore from the extreme low tide line to the line of vegetation which lies between the two imaginary lines extending perpendicular to the beach from the boundaries of any state park in the regulated area;


“Remove or Removal” means the transportation of any salvage outside the “regulated area.”

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Jun. 8, 2021