OAR 736-027-0020
Time for Removal


Except as provided in section (4) of this rule, an owner of salvage shall have fifteen (15) days from the date he discovers the salvage in which to obtain a permit and remove the salvage.


When the Parks and Recreation Department discovers, or is notified of the discovery of salvage by a party not the owner of the salvage, the Department will take reasonable efforts to identify and notify the owner of such salvage discovered within the regulated area. In instances in which the owner is identifiable and can reasonably be notified, the fifteen-day period for removal, shall begin to run on the date of the postmark of the letter or telegram sent to the owner, or date owner was notified by telephone of the location of the salvage.


If the salvage owner cannot be identified, the Department, fifteen days from the date of discovery, may remove the salvage.


If, after fifteen days from the date of notification, or after any extension thereof granted the salvage owner by the issuing office, the salvage owner fails to remove the salvage, the Department may remove the salvage.


If any salvage shall be determined by the Parks and Recreation Department to be deleterious to the beach environment, to constitute a hazard to beach users or to public or private property, or to constitute an attractive nuisance, the Department may immediately remove such salvage, and/or may take such action as it deems feasible to protect against the hazard.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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