OAR 736-054-0010


The Commission intends to coordinate restoration, renovation, or maintenance of the state’s historic cemeteries and to recommend projects and funding that help maintain and improve such historic cemeteries. Grants may be recommended in the following general categories:


Protection and security;


Restoration and preservation; and


Education and training.


The Commission may determine each funding cycle the types of projects, areas of focus, or thematic concentration that will determine what will be considered eligible to be recommended for project funding.


The Commission may consider geographic distribution in reviewing grant applications.


The Commission may recommend funding a grant application either in whole or in part.


The Commission will give preference to applications that include cash or in-kind match. The Commission may nevertheless recommend grant funding for a project that does not include a cash or in-kind match.


The Commission may establish minimum or maximum grant award amounts.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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