OAR 738-014-0030
Selection of Volunteer Pilot Sites


Airport sponsors interested in participating in the pilot program must make written application to ODA. ODA will establish the application form and deadline for applications.


The application shall include:


a letter from the governing body of the county in which each rural airport is located. The letter shall state the governing body concurs with the sponsor’s request to be a pilot site and is prepared to assist in the amendment of comprehensive plans and land use regulations, if necessary, as required by ORS 836.642 (Program for through the fence operations) and OAR 660, division 13 (Department of Land Conservation and Development rules governing airport planning);


a description of how the airport sponsor intends to encourage through the fence operations at the rural airport;


a complete narrative description of public-private partnerships the sponsor intends to pursue, and how the partnerships would promote:


Innovative and creative technologies for increasing airport usability and safety;


Innovative and creative performance of aviation services to make the services more competitive and useful for the public;


Development of the pilot site as a setting for customary and usual aviation-related activities to develop and thrive; and


Shared responsibility for:


Establishing and meeting the fiscal needs of the pilot site;


Maintaining safety of operations; and


Maintaining positive community relations and compatibility with existing uses.


a description, to the extent practicable, of the types of innovative airport infrastructure and operations funding that will be sought to support the pilot airport; and


a statement of the sponsor’s willingness to participate in the pilot program evaluation process described in OAR 738-014-0035 (Pilot Program Evaluation Process).


ODA will review all applications submitted by the deadline, and rank the applications that meet the minimum requirements of these rules according to their ability to meet the goals of this pilot program and the quality of the application. ODA will submit its list of eligible airports in ranked order to the State Aviation Board.


The State Aviation Board will review the applications and may select up to two airports for inclusion in this pilot program.


Aurora State Airport is included in the pilot program as provided in ORS 836.642 (Program for through the fence operations)(2)(a).

Source: Rule 738-014-0030 — Selection of Volunteer Pilot Sites, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=738-014-0030.

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