OAR 738-070-0020
Scope of Rule


Establishes and adopts standards for determining obstructions in navigable airspace.


Sets forth the requirements for notice to the Director of certain proposed construction or alteration.


Provides for aeronautical studies of obstructions to air navigation, to determine their effect on the safe and efficient use of airspace.


Provides for public hearings on the hazardous effect of proposed construction or alteration on air navigation.


Establishes standards for determining requirements for marking and lighting of obstructions to navigable airspace.


Establishes standard methods of marking and lighting obstructions to navigable airspace.


Establishes standards for determining responsibility for installation and maintenance of marking or lighting specific objects or structures that constitute hazards to air navigation.


Sets forth penalties for failure to comply with an order issued under this rule.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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